Well, hello. Nice to see you. My name is Annika Barranti Klein and my pronouns are she/her. Annika rhymes with Monica.

I wrote my first novel, The Old Well In The Creek, at age five, and made my first movie, Untitled Annalee and Margarita Story, the following year. I suspect I peaked early.

I have been writing professionally on the internet SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL (2001 or 2005, depending on how you count it) at various sites (many of which no longer exist) including BuffyGuide, Creature Corner, Noneuclidean Cafe, Blogging LA, The Establishment, Paste TV, and The Toast. These days you can find me at Book Riot.

I write short fiction, poetry, and am working on a novel.

I also make photographs. My father, photographer Lou Barranti, bought my first camera when I was five years old.

I live with my family (husband, two children) in Los Angeles, where I have had terrible (and not terrible) jobs as a nanny, an assistant pastry chef at a catering company, a knitwear designer and knitting teacher, a reader for a film production company, a dog sitter, and a women's banked track roller derby referee. I am currently a full time mom and part time copy editor.

I am very tired.