You Can't Go Back To Narnia

Even Susan

Bearer of the horn

Savior of Narnia 

Could not go back


She grew taller and she

Met a spy and they

Fell in love

Susan and this spy


And Susan wore lipstick

And sent her lover

Love letters in code

But Aslan found out


And he was jealous


Susan was his own precious discovery

And once a queen in Narnia

Always a queen in Narnia


But Susan

Gentle and afraid

Learned that she had

Always been brave


Susan’s lover sent her nylons

And French perfumes

And, once,

A whole coat, worth 18 coupons


Susan had nothing to send but letters

“Dear Beryl,” she wrote,

“Last night I dreamed

I went to Narnia again.


“I dreamed that I held

Once again

My arrows and bow

And my aim was true.


“I dreamed of a feast

And the end of wartime

I dreamed I could hold

You close to me without fear.”


Aslan visited

Susan in her dreams

And told her she must

Choose: Narnia or Beryl


Susan chose.


And Aslan, angry

Rewrote the story

But Susan is her own

Savior now.

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