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Real Emails in my Spam Folder

Greet to You from priceless woman may I ask U?

You may not.

Still wasting your time on mindless work?

I feel so attacked.

Ab, Halloween costumes wholesale from China

Yes, you have my attention?

salutation to you. Mr. Pricey;) I hope You're free to speak;)

This person is being held prisoner. BLINK TWICE IF YOU NEED HELP.

You'd better read this email

I will NOT.

Still wasting your time on mindless work?


Mister Delicious How come?

How come, indeed?

good day there from your useful girl

Honestly right now I am considering a mail order bride. This one is from Ukraine.

are you an idiot !!!!

Full email text: "stop sending me money you idiot !! where did you found my account"

Questions my daughter asks about Star Wars