Posy Cardi

This cardigan sort of designed itself. All I knew was I wanted it to be asymmetrical and fasten at the top— everything else fell into place as I swatched with the wonderful, new-to-me yarn. Honor has the most amazing drape, perfect for this loosely-fitting baby cardigan, and perfectly soft too.


Dragon Rider

Every young Viking lad or lass needs a good tunic. And when that young Viking’s mother/father/auntie knits, shouldn’t it be a handknit tunic? (Of course it should.) Dragon Rider is so much fun to knit—all in one piece, from the top down, with minimal finishing and several small, fun details. Must love adventure (and short rows)!



My daughter defines girl for herself, and no rules of girliness can hold her. She loves pink, plays hard, and is her own person in every way. I designed this sweater for her, with “boyish” details but in a fiery pinkish purple. Practical, with pockets; handsome, with a pointed collar and garter stitch details. Truly unisex. Knit one for your son, daughter, or nonbinary child in their favorite color.